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Matic Broz profillna

Hey! My name is Matic. I own and run Otterreviews. 

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About me

Growing up I recall borrowing my father’s first digital camera. We only used it to document our family trips or events, yet this now almost ancient device had the best macro lens I have ever came across. It was capable of taking sharp images from virtually point-blank.

The combination of this extraordinary spec, my new-found passion for photography, and love for flowers, resulted in a couple of thousand shots of snowdrops, primroses (hint: not that photogenic, at least with my skills) and fruit trees’ blossoms. Needless to say that these photos were awful, however, in the eyes of a curious 8-year old who just discovered a new perspective by crawling on all fours, photographing flowers from bellow, and with a sprinkle of cheers from my parents, photography became a beloved newfound hobby.

Over the years my interest in photography fluctuated, but never completely faded away. For the 13th birthday, I received my first camera, Nikon Coolpix, however, I still knew nothing about photography – I just wanted to take photos. My zeal for photography manifested itself in the form of countless photos of dogs I took when visiting a nearby dog-shelter with my sister. Although it was a great camera, a couple of years later phone cameras became somewhat relevant and more convenient, since we always carried them around.

All through my late teens and early twenties, my interest in photography went south, due to college schoolwork and student work.

As I matured, I realized, that despite all my obligations I still had plenty of time that could be spent more effectively. I borrowed my father’s new camera, Canon EOS 60D with a multipurpose lens, started waking up early for foggy sunrises or canceling afternoon socializing over a beer to catch a fiery sunset.

As I started taking photos on a daily basis, I realized how clueless I really was about photography. The number of buttons, menus, settings on my camera, and sliders in Lightroom overwhelmed me. I cleared my head and started systematically learning about photography. I started watching a whole lot of YouTube videos, I borrowed a few books, and most importantly – I took lots of photos.

Over the years, I accumulated a lot of photography knowledge. My photos became better, my workflow smoother, my photo-editing better, yet, it was not enough.

When I finished my Master’s Degree in Chemistry (yes, my primary occupation is a chemist/student) and started my Ph.D. in Biomolecular Simulations, the desire to give back the knowledge I hoarded, pushed me into creating a website – Otterreviews.

Otterreviews is my blog, where I share photography knowledge with you, so we can learn and grow together, as photographers!

None of the posts are sponsored. All reviews and tutorials are based on my own experience.

Every now and then, you’ll come across a product I recommend, and usually you’ll also find some sort of discount with it. These are the products that I use, have used, or have at least tested out, and have no problem promoting.

If you decide to buy the product via my link, I get a small commission, which helps me keep Otterreviews running.