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When I launched Photutorial in early 2020, I had no idea what an incredible journey I was embarking on along with thousands of fellow photographers. Above all, teaching and inspiring have always been one of my goals.

Nowadays, I’m dedicated to writing articles helping photographers and designers from all walks of life and every experience level. From teaching the basics and helping you choose the best camera gear, to guiding you to earning your first dollar with photos – Photutorial has you covered.

At its heart, Photutorial is an online resource of photography knowledge, a newsletter, and a place to promote yourself.

Matic Broz

Matic Broz


Matic is a photographer, writer, (bio)chemist, and sports enthusiast. He’s the founder and main editor of Photutorial, which he launched in 2020. He’s responsible for all content on the site.

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