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It’s an ideal place to promote your software, service, or offers to enthusiastic photographers from all over the world.

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“Matic is a true professional. His reviews of new Luminar Updates are very informative, he is looking in-depth at features and describes everything in detail”


“Matic was a phenomenal collaborator. His knowledge and work especially in the area of Photography were outstanding”


“Photutorial dives into both entry-level and professional topics for photographers and alike. As a pioneer in using AI to revolutionize photo editing, we are very excited to work with its founder, Matic Broz, who has a great passion for bringing readers inspiring photography content”


“Thanks, Matic, so much for writing an informative and comprehensive review of FlexClip”

Meet the Photutorial’s Audience

The Photutorial audience is budding photographers, who show a lot of interest in:

  • Post-processing techniques and software;
  • Earning money with stock photography;
  • Best lenses for Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Pentax.

And creative graphic designers & video editors, mostly interested in:

  • Cheap and high-quality stock photo and video offers;
  • Video editing software;
  • Graphic design platforms.
Photutorial audience
Photutorial audience demographic (Data source: Google Analytics)

About 50% of Photutorial’s audience comes from English-speaking countries.

But everyone understands English since all Photutorial content is in English.

What you get

I have worked with several photography companies by writing high-quality reviews or tutorials.

  • I do all the research by testing your product or service;
  • I write the entire sponsored post (I never outsource sponsored posts!!);
  • I add descriptive screenshots;
  • When finished, I send the article back to you, so you can check the validity of information;
  • Finally, I share the article with my email list.

Here are a few examples:

How to get started

Advertise on Photutorial 2
  1. Reach out to me. ([email protected]);
  2. Introduce yourself and your product/service;
  3. Let me know in detail what you expect from our partnership;
  4. We’ll negotiate the price and deadline;
  5. You’ll provide at least 2 week full access to your product/service.