How much does a camera weigh?

Article by Matic Broz January 17, 2021

How much does a camera weigh?

I recently analyzed more than 2,000 camera models to answer the question:

How much does an average camera weigh?

I looked at Canon. I looked at Nikon. And every other relevant camera brand.

I gathered the data from DigicamDB.

And today I will share what I’ve found with you.

This post contains (to my knowledge) the most comprehensive data collection of camera weights.

Here is a Summary of My Findings:

  • An average camera weighs 386.9 g (0.85 lbs).
  • An average DSLR camera weighs 675.3 g (1.49 lbs)
  • An average mirrorless camera weighs 476.9 g (1.05 lbs)
  • An average compact camera weighs 292.9 g (0.65 lbs).
Average Camera weight: Dslr vs Mirrorless vs Compact
Graphical representation of the range of camera weights

The numbers above and in the graph are average and min/max range of the modern cameras. To make the data as relevant as possible, I only included the camera models that have been released after 2010.

On average, DSLRs are the heaviest among the cameras, which comes as a no surprise; afterall, they consist of more parts and have to be bulkier. On average, mirrorless cameras are 29.4% lighter than DSLRs, which a consequence of mirrorless cameras “missing” the mirror in comparison to DSLRs, making mirrorless cameras significantly leaner and lighter than DSLRs.

DSLR vs Mirrorless vs Compact Weight Comparison

Canon685.8 g (1.51 lbs)434.1 g (0.96 lbs)240.6 g (0.53 lbs)
Nikon788.4 g (1.74 lbs)320.2 g (0.71 lbs)260.4 g (0.57 lbs)
Sony/471.5 g (1.04 lbs)351.2 g (0.77 lbs)
Pentax753.4 g (1.66 lbs)268.8 g (0.59 lbs)177.6 g (0.39 lbs)
Olympus559.8 g (1.23 lbs)//
Leica/6458 g (1.42 lbs)403.0 g (0.89 lbs)
Average camera weight per Camera brand

As you can see from the table above, some numbers are missing. That is because some camera brands haven’t created any certain camera types since 2010. For example, Sony hasn’t created any DSLRs since 2010.

Popular Camera Weights Tables

Camera modelWeightType
Sony A9676gMirrorless
Sony A9 II678gMirrorless
Sony A7r IV665 gMirrorless
Sony A7r III657 gMirrorless
Sony A7 III650 gMirrorless
Sony A6600503 gMirrorless
Canon EOS R660 gMirrorless
Canon R5738 gMirrorless
Canon R6680 gMirrorless
Canon EOS 90D701 gDSLR
Canon EOS 80D730 gDSLR
Canon 5D IV800 gDSLR
Canon 6D II765 gDSLR
Nikon Z7 II705 gMirrorless
Nikon Z7585 gMirrorless
Nikon Z6 II705 gMirrorless
Nikon Z6675 gMirrorless
Popular camera weights

Are Light Cameras Better Than Heavy?

Generally, light cameras are better for types of photography where you need mobility and a lot of hand-holding, such as wedding and portrait photography.Heavy cameras are better for people who prefer to use bulkier cameras as they fit better into their hands; additionally, heavier camera might be beneficial in types of photography that require longs exposures and the use of tripods, such as astro and long-exposure photography.


How can you use the data?

You can use all the data, graphs, and tables for free as long as you credit this post with a do-follow link OR if you cannot link (for example, you use data for graphics) you can put “” next to the data in your graphic.

Use this link:

It took me a lot of time to put all this data to meaningful conclusions and draw the graphs, so by linking back to me, you help me provide more such data in the future.

These graphs are images that have been reduced in quality for the web, but I can send to you in full-quality, just let me know in the comments below or send me an email

How I gathered the Data?

I scraped the internet with a simple Python script to collect over 2000 camera models specifications. I then imported the data into Excel, where I analysed it and drew the graphs. A lot of data was collected from DigicamDB.

Conclusion | Camera Weight

Camera weights have a wide range, from the lightest Samsung ST30 that weighs only 87 g, up to Canon EOS-1D that weighs 1585 g.

While camera weight is more important in some types of photography than others, no camera is exceptionally heavy; at least not to a point, where it would be difficult to hold it.

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