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30 Best Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography as an art form has been developing and gestating for over a century, and it took some remarkable landscape photographers to set the foundation. As there are no

The Best Slovenian Photographers 1-1

The Best Slovenian Photographers

The Cambridge dictionary defines photography as, “the activity or job of taking photographs or filming“, however, to everyone who has ever held a camera in their hands, photography is so

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Rui Jorge Vieira Pinto

Rui Jorge Vieira Pinto is a 48-year-old photographer from Setúbal city, a city located ~ 50 km south of the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. He’s a landscape photographer, who focuses

Ernst Haas

Photography Quotes

As a photographer, you sometimes run out of motivation to go on your shoots and you question yourself whether it is worth or not. Understanding the mindset of the world-class

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Susmita Ghosh

Susmita Ghosh is an amateur macro-photographers from India.

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Jason Burnett

Jason Burnett is an award-winning outdoor photographer from the USA.


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