HDR Photography thumbnail

HDR Photography

As a photographer, you’ve certainly run into situations where your camera couldn’t capture both the light and the dark parts …

Depth of field original crop 2x3-1

Depth of field

Depth of field (DoF) is a powerful creative tool in photography, and by knowing how to take full advantage of …

Macro Photography 1-1

Macro photography

Will you learn macro photography in a day? No. But can you buy an expensive camera and you will instantly …

How to take sharp photos 2-1

How to Take Sharp Photos

In photography, the term sharp comes up all the time, and that is not surprising. Its antonym unsharp or blurred is the reason for the majority …

How to plan landscape photos thumbnail

How to Plan Landscape Photos

Landscape photography is all about planning, preparation, and patience. Learning how to better plan landscape photos is a very important …

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