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Ernst Haas

Photography Quotes

As a photographer, you sometimes run out of motivation to go on your shoots and you question yourself whether it …

How to take sharp photos 2-1

How to Take Sharp Photos

In photography, the term sharp comes up all the time, and that is not surprising. Its antonym unsharp or blurred is the reason for the majority …

How to plan landscape photos thumbnail

How to Plan Landscape Photos

Landscape photography is all about planning, preparation, and patience. Learning how to better plan landscape photos is a very important …

Best Photo Editors Thumbnail

Best Photo Editors

Photo editing is crucial for professional-looking photos. Because photo editors are often pricey and have a steep learning curve, they’re …

Luminar 4 review - Thumbnail

Luminar 4 Review

This is an unbiased review of Luminar 4: an award winning photo editing app, capable of producing professional-looking results with …

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