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Photography: Definition, History, and Basics

Let’s talk about photography. Just follow the post, and it will guide you through photography. Photography definition: photography is the art or practice of creating photographs by recording light by

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How much does a camera weigh?

I recently analyzed more than 2,000 camera models to answer the question: How much does an average camera weigh? I looked at Canon. I looked at Nikon. And every other

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Zoo Photography Tips

While many think of zoo photography as cheating when it comes to wildlife photos, but why shouldn’t you take it as a safe and easy practice before you go to


What are weather sealed cameras?

Electronic devices are susceptible to damage by water, dust, and physical trauma. Water rusts and short-circuits electronic parts, dust covers sensors and wires, causing them to overheat, and physical trauma

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HDR photography

As a photographer, you’ve certainly run into situations where your camera couldn’t capture both the highlights and the shadows. The resulting image lacked detail in either highlights or shadows, and

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Depth of field

Depth of field (DoF) is a powerful creative tool in photography, and by knowing how to take full advantage of it, you will significantly improve your photos. Almost every photographer

Macro Photography 1-1

Macro photography

Will you learn macro photography in a day? No. But can you buy an expensive camera and you will instantly start taking better photos? No. Like any other skill, macro

Landscape Photography Tips

Have you ever driven through a stunning landscape, stopped at every picturesque scene to capture it with your camera, you come home, look at the photos on your computer, and

Golden Hour 2-1

Golden Hour in Photography

To get the best photos, you need to shoot in the best light. It’s no secret that photographers worship golden hour – the time of the day when the sun


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