How to take sharp photos 2-1

How to Take Sharp Photos

In photography, the term sharp comes up all the time, and that is not surprising. Its antonym unsharp or blurred is the reason for the majority of unsuccessful photographs, no matter how beautiful the scenery. For

How to plan landscape photos thumbnail

How to Plan Landscape Photos

Landscape photography is all about planning, preparation, and patience. Learning how to better plan landscape photos is a very important first step to better results. For this article I decided

Photography tips for beginners - thumbnail

Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography isn’t a skill you learn overnight, but it takes a lot of practice to master. They say that to master a skill, you need to invest at least 10,000

froknowsphoto thumbnail

Fro Knows Photo | DSLR Video Guide

Who is FroKnowsPhoto? Jared Polin aka. FroKnowsPhoto has made his name in photography tutorial world with his aFro, flamboyant behaviour and extensive photography knowledge. Visit his YouTube channel, if you


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